Super PACS is a card game that satirizes the relationship between money, votes, and power in a democracy. Designed by Brandon Patton and André Pereira, it takes place in a fictional country called Humerica. Each player controls an unattractive, power-hungry leader and tries to assemble a coalition of supporters by any means necessary, be it money, persuasion, treachery, or by wielding their leader's superpower. Each faction that joins your side can also be exploited in a unique way to gain an advantage, and it is from the interactions between these "exploits" that the game's complexity and hilarity springs forth.
  • 2-4
  • 14+
  • 30-50'
  • Easy
  • Authors / Game design:  André Pereira, Brandon Patton
  • Graphic design:  Filipe Preto
  • Illustrations:  Jeff Danziger, Phil Hands, Nuno Saraiva, Jeremy Martinez, Chad Essley
  • Development:  André Pereira, Brandon Patton, Pedro Santos, Carlos, Mesquita, Filipe Preto