News reports that since the first day have covered the launch of the “Here comes the Troika” game. These reports come from several sources from multiple countries.

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With A Card Game, The Portuguese Get Back At Their Creditors

National Public Radio / 13-09-16

One of their favorite ways to do this is through a new card game that’s all the rage in Lisbon these days. Vem Aí a Troika, or Here Comes the Troika, is a satirical cross between Monopoly and Old Maid, in which players try to stash away savings in offshore accounts, win elections — and avoid the dreaded troika card.

It’s All in the Cards

International Herald Tribune / 13-02-17

“We’re sick of hearing about the crisis, but we do like talking politics,” said Vincent, a 25-year-old Portuguese marketing student, as he, his friends Vincent and Diogo, and I gathered in a café in the upscale Lisbon neighborhood of Restelo to play cards.